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Quality and Affordable Preschool Education & Childcare 

Jewel's Learning Center is a small family owned business, which started in 1984 as Jewel's Babies. Our business was founded on the idea of being an extended family for the children and parents in our care. As we grew by word of mouth we took the steps to become a licensed childcare in 1987, renaming ourselves Jewel's Daycare.


As we cared for and nurtured the children, we taught them many lessons that allowed wonderful play experiences and development, which allowed us to rebrand in 1989 as Jewel's Learning Center. 

At Jewel's Learning Center, we welcome every child and their family to become a part of the #JLCFamily.


Our motto "All Children Are Special" is rooted in our mission to foster a love for learning and success in every child that comes our way and provide the best of services and care to each child according to their individual needs.

About Us

Our Philosophy

At Jewel's Learning Center we welcome every child and their family to become part of the #JLCFamily. 

We believe that every child is special and unique in their own way. Children develop at different rates and are naturally curious.

A child's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth are intertwined, thus the importance of nurturing and teaching the whole child using various resources. 

Play is essential for a child's growth and development. 

Young children learn the best through actions on objects and through explorations in their environment. 

The way children feel about their work is important. 

When children feel good about something they have done, they develop confidence and self-esteem.

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