Get an understanding of our Preschool and Age Groups. 


Infant Classroom

6 weeks to 18 months

Our main objective for our Growing Infants is to get them moving and build a positive, loving environment. Everyday we dance, sing, and explore something new about ourselves. Our literature encourages our infants to smile and grow in trusting others around them. Infants at JLC are taught to be independent and grow into who they are. 


Preschool Classroom

30 to 40 months 

Our Busy Preschoolers will learn to strengthen their social and emotional development, understand math and literature, identify and write alphabets, and become more aware of the environment around them. Preschoolers are encouraged to explore, play with peers, and build self confidence. Our preschoolers become fully potty trained, begin writing, and make their way to the next level of curisoity. 


Toddler Classroom

18 to 30 months

This is where we begin our first major transition. Our Curious Toddlers learn how to feed themselves, communicate with words, and are full of activity, exploring the new world around them. With all learning being hands-on and play-based, children began to learn language skills including sign language and communication. As their bodies grow and develop they begin to master the self help skills that leads toward independence.   




40 months to 5 years

Our Adventurous Pre-kindergarteners are well on their way and getting ready for Big School! Our Pre-k class prepares our little friends to go out into this big world and become the leaders we know they are to be. We are here allowing them to think big and explore it all! We help them identify who they are, what they are capable of, and who they can become. 

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