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With summer rolling in and off to a HOT start, as parents and teachers, we know how fun yet overwhelming summer parenting can be. To start things off, we must accept that kids love to explore and be adventurous. It’s part of them growing up––and although adventure seems risky at times there are ways to embrace it. So we'll share a few activities for each age group to engage in, risk free but still super fun! Let’s all embrace our inner child spirit and have fun this summer!

These activities are all baby friendly as well as mentally stimulating for you and your child. Being outside decreases stress levels and boosts mood. Additionally, babies and children being outside promotes motor development, curiosity, and creativity.

0-12 months (Infants)

Rocking on a Beach Ball

Tree Hugger

Texture Touch

2 Years (Toddlers)

Chasing Bubbles

Color Hunt

Sponge Play

2-3 Years (Preschool)

Colored Ice

Going Camping

Walk The Line

3-5 Years (Prekindergarten)

Counting Scavenger Hunt

Listening Walk

Buried Letters

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